2020 Tesla Roadster front

According to the officials from Tesla Motors company we`re going to witness birth of their new master piece in 2020. Maybe we are still far away but something like new 2020 Tesla Roadster is coming, you just have to be well prepared and introduced, even though Tesla Motors have a lot of surprises just waiting for you, inside and outside of new Roadster, to discover. We are hoping that Tesla will do their best to make this plan for 2020 Roadster really work.

2020 Tesla Roadster front

2020 Tesla Roadster Exterior and Interior

Even though we still don`t have any official information`s from Tesla Motors about how new Roadster should look we can estimate based on some reliable sources that are really close to the officials from that Company. We know that new 2020 Tesla Roadster should be based on Gen 3 platform that is newest introduction from Tesla Motors and it is proved to be more than functional in almost every segment. Probably the entire structure will be made from aluminum and carbon fiber which will help him reduce weight and to increase his power.

Interior of new 2020 Tesla Roadster will be, on the first place, fully equipped with only latest technologically and safety features that will help him become more functional and easier to control. It can accommodate two passengers but both of them will enjoy maximum comfort, heated seats and amazing infotainment system that will definitely going to be filled with whole bunch of some new functions which some of them aren`t yet discovered. Internet and Bluetooth are definitely going to have their place inside new Roadster.

2020 Tesla Roadster side

2020 Tesla Roadster Engine

Definitely focus for Tesla Motors Company in making new Roadster will be his engine. They will try to increase his range and to make it over 400 miles which will be more than amazing. Knowing that upcoming 2020 Tesla Roadster is about to become maybe the fastest EV car ever, we estimated that he`ll be equipped with engine that can surely take him from 0-60 mph in just 2.5 seconds which will definitely going to be record for all electric vehicles, unless something new happens until the 2020 starts.

2020 Tesla Roadster

2020 Tesla Roadster Price and Release date

Because this new 2020 Tesla Roadster really have great potential, we know that he must have great price tag on it. Tesla Motors still haven`t revealed anything about it but we know that it must be over $125.000 for his basic model and we are sure that some of his higher trim levels can go over $150.000 which is quite suitable for this kind of vehicle that can appear even before the 2020 starts.

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