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2019 Volvo XC90 Release date, Price

2019 Volvo XC90 front

SUV wars has been going for a couple of years now. Every manufacturer in town wants to have a great SUV on the road with up-to-date technology and the best performance. Well, Volvo hasn’t been left out. They have got something going with the XC90s. The 2019 Volvo XC90 is expected to be a great car. The XC90 make has been in production for many years but the design recently changed to bring the start of the second generation XC90s. The Swedish manufacture’s high performance division engineers give indications that the current models have not been up to par and have not matched expectations. The 2019 XC90 will be called the “Polestar”. It was expected that the current XC90s would at least match BMW X5 but not yet, we still await the 2018 XC90 to see if it will be able to go head to head with BMW’s X5. The 2019 Volvo XC90 will be featuring engine improvements, new gear system, upgraded interior among many other things to beat BMW’s later models you will just have to read through this article to see:

2019 Volvo XC90 front

2019 Volvo XC90 Exterior and Interior

The general body design is not expected to change. It will still have the same great look as the other 2nd generation XC90s but will of course have slight cosmetic alterations to give it a more iconic and aggressive appearance. The exterior changes of 2019 Volvo XC90 include: crystal glass box indicators and modified headlights with the latest LED lights technology, bonnet with sleek and without upraised margins, front bumper with enhanced furious look and tiny air openings, rear bumper with new and modified quad-exhaust system and tips, Rebel Blue paint, specifically designed 18 inch alloy wheel rims, larger fenders. It is expected that the body of new 2019 Volvo XC90 will be made of aluminum to reduce the overall weight but the structure and chassis will remain to be of steel to ensure strength and durability.

Unlike the previous XC90 models which had dull congested cabins, the 2019 Volvo XC90 is expected to be spacious, classy and attractive. This make is expected to come with new adjustable leather sport seats, a decent dashboard, padded power steering and that is just the half of it. When we move to the technology specs, new 2019 Volvo XC90 will be equipped with 5 digital surround system speakers, a large 8 inch touch screen, automatic weather updates function, GPS, satellite radio, automatic environment adjustment features, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, Smartphone connectivity cable and dock, clear monitoring devices, rear-view camera and so much more.

2019 Volvo XC90 rear

2019 Volvo XC90 Engine

In the new 2019 Volvo XC90 will be two engines available for the 2019 XC90. These will be the diesel and petrol engines which rumor has it that Volvo is deciding on using both the T5 and T6 engines.

The base engine capacity in new 2019 Volvo XC90 is 2.0 liter super-charged turbo inline 4 engine. the overall power production of the engine plus the electric motor (80 hp and 177 lb-ft torque) is expected to give a general 316 horsepower and 295 lb-ft torque in the T5 engine. This will however go up to 360 horsepower and 320 lb-ft torque in the T6 engine. The polestar is going to employ the hybrid power train which will boost the performance up to 450 horsepower and 500 lb-ft torque.

The hybrid will be expected to do 0-60mph in under 5 second with an efficient fuel consumption of 25 MPG average. The overall consumption at constant high speed is expected to be 25 miles for a gallon. The gear will be an 8 speed gear for the all-wheel drive with adjustments to match the power produced by the engine. The 2019 Volvo XC90 will have air-shocks to enable the driver have the best road feel and adjust the cars performance to his/her desire.

2019 Volvo XC90 interior

2019 Volvo XC90 Price and Release Date

2019 Volvo XC90 is expected to release this vehicle at a retail price of $50,000 upwards up to $70,000. The new 2019 Volvo XC90 will be made to target markets especially in China, USA, UK, and Canada. It is expected to feature in the New York Auto Show in the 4th quarter 2019 years around November. It will be in competition with the Toyota Highlander, Nissan Pathfinder and Chevy Blazer.

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