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2019 Scion tC Engine, Performance

2019 Scion tC front

2019 Scion tC is another compact sports car, that is the third generation of Toyota company. This vehicle will hit the market with perfect and upgraded features, both in its interior and exterior parts and is expected to attack a lot of new customers.

2019 Scion tC front

2019 Scion tC Engine & Performance

This car would offer better performance than its predecessor. There are many engine options, which will make it absolutely perfect for those who prefer performance in their ride. Like the previous version, this car will still go on to the 5.5 liter of 4-cylinder engine and it will produce 180 hp. It’s also paired with 6 speed automatic transmission, but there is also a manual option. The 2019 Scion tC is also powered with a 2.5 liter engine, with upgraded power of 197 hp, which is the same of the 2018 model. In addition, the fuel economy of this new vehicle is 21 mpg for city drive and 32 mpg for highway. The new 2019 Scion tC will go from 0-60 mph in 8.3 seconds, whether the tC with the manual gear box will make 0-60 mph in 7.6 seconds. In addition, the fuel consumption of this new vehicle is 21 mpg for city drive and 32 mpg for highway.

2019 Scion tC rear

2019 Scion tC Exterior and Interior

The new 2019 Scion tC will be redesigned, in order to look more aggressive than its predecessor, with slightly increased dimensions. The body lines of the new tC will be modified as to increase the aerodynamic abilities of this car. Both the front and the back end of this sportier car will come with some great modifications. It features a brand-new grille, new shaped headlights and a new bumper.. The wheels are aluminum and the mirrors are getting a brand new design, as well as the side air intakes, with 4 exhaust ports. It will be a true sport car, with two doors and two exhaustion pipes, which are placed at the middle of the rear end.

The sophisticated interior of this car offers both the driver and the passengers enough room for a more comfortable riding experience. The whole cabin is made out of the finest materials, like high quality leather for the seats and soft plastic and carbon fibers for instrument board. The new 2019 Scion tC also offers some high advanced features, such as the technologically developed touch-screen display, a Bluetooth, HD Radio, as well as a steering wheel and audio controls. The navigation system is highly updated, with a great anti-braking system, air bags and navigating sensors.

2019 Scion tC interior

2019 Scion tC Release Date & Price

The release date of the new generation 2019 Scion tC has not been announced yet by the giant automaker, but it’s expected to be presented to the market before the end of 2019. The price of 2019 Scion tC is expected to be between $40,000 and $21,000.

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