2019 Lincoln Navigator front

When people talk about SUVs, Navigator is actually considered as one of the company’s most recognizable models. First debuted in Chicago, and a few more months before this ride hits a number dealership near you, designers are expected to strike both luxury and impeccable performance. For people who can’t wait to get their hands on the new 2019 Lincoln Navigator, here is what we are likely to see.

2019 Lincoln Navigator front

2019 Lincoln Navigator Exterior and Interior

Although this car would keep the same appearance as its predecessors, a number of restyling and upgrades are expected. Considers the details by some insiders information, new 2019 Lincoln Navigator could actually get a completely new body. The designers are going to utilize the same modern technology that was used in the F-150. So what can we expect? A substantial use of extra light materials such as aluminum coupled with high strength steel are all going to go into the construction of the new 2019 Lincoln Navigator. In other news, we are going to see the standard 18-inch wheels; interestingly; customers can order an optional 22-inch wheels.

A lot of work is going to be done in the inside and from photos we have managed to see; the inside is going to be all about luxury. The seats come with 3 rows for 8 passengers. Plus, the leather upholstery that has been employed in the inside is draw people into the inside. The inside of new 2019 Lincoln Navigator would be pleasant and unbelievably roomier with better head and leg space.

2019 Lincoln Navigator Interior

The dashboard will also receive quite a number of upgrades and modification; we are likely to see it coming with a number of advanced and latest contrivances such as MyLincoln Contact Infotainment Structure. It is not going to stop there; a climate control with 3 zones , a premium sound of Bose-11 speaker are other goodies people are going to net from the inside. Overall, we expect to see a lavish interior.

2019 Lincoln Navigator interior

2019 Lincoln Navigator Engine and performance

According to information available, it seems the existing conventional 8-cylinder 5.4 L engine will be replaced by a whole new 6-cylinder Ford EcoBoost with 3.5 L, direct injection and a pair of turbochargers capable of generating a power of 370 Hp and 430 lb-ft torque. Moreover, although this has not been confirmed, it rumored an hybrid engine is also going to be available in new 2019 Lincoln Navigator.

2019 Lincoln Navigator side

2019 Lincoln Navigator Price and Release Date

The company is planning to introduce this new 2019 Lincoln Navigator to the general public towards the end of 2019. As for the price; the car likely to cost around $64,000 that would be a little bit high for many people; however, considering the specs offered by the vehicle, we can say it is worth it.

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