2019 Alfa Romeo Grand SUV Front

Looking at the upcoming 2019 Alfa Romeo Grand SUV we can say that there are some really great things happening inside their factory. Everything we have seen from this model tells us that he’s really capable to become one of the finest. Therefore, new Grand SUV deserves bigger attention. We have prepared a small review about what you could expect from this fine looking SUV model. Take a look at what the Alfa Romeo’s engineers and designers have prepared.

2019 Alfa Romeo Grand SUV Front

2019 Alfa Romeo Grand SUV Exterior Design, Shape, Style

When it comes to the exterior design, we can say that new Grand SUV doesn’t have any obstacle to become the best in that area. His shape is brilliant and that’s the first thing you’re going to notice. It isn’t that boxy as we are used to from modern SUVs. Alfa Romeo’s designers have given him some fine sleek lines and edges. New 2019 Alfa Romeo Grand SUV is arriving on the 21.0-inches wide alloy wheels which are the basic choice. That’s one more thing that tells us that this is going to be a perfect luxury choice. When it comes to the overall weight, we know that it’s going to be reduced. The secret is in using the carbon fiber and aluminum in the biggest amount of the chassis. With the reduced body weight, the performances are increasing.

Now, even the aerodynamic abilities are improved so the performances are going to be even better. Some trim levels of new 2019 Alfa Romeo Grand SUV are shown with the attached rear spoiler to keep him steady on the road. The front fascia is improved with a wider grille. That’s something that can make him look sportier. Besides that improved look, that wider grille is now working as an air vent. It can keep the engine cooled in any moment to make his performances raised to the top. The headlights are wider than before and they’re now placed closer to one another. The rear end is different now. Besides it has bigger rear glass and rear spoiler, it is equipped with dual exhaustion pipes this time. That’s something every true sporty SUV should have.

2019 Alfa Romeo Grand SUV Interior

2019 Alfa Romeo Grand SUV Interior Design, Review, Materials

Even though you have never seen an Alfa Romeo’s car, you can be sure that his interior is brilliant and equipped with amazing materials. Those materials are making him classier than before. Now, the biggest part of the cabin is equipped with the finest Alcantara leather. What is sure about the instrument board is that his touchscreen is bigger than before. It is positioned higher than before because that can make the driver easier to control all those numerous functions that are installed. Besides those functions on the touchscreen, new 2019 Alfa Romeo Grand SUV is equipped with a better steering wheel. Now, there are more functions added to it.

Now, the biggest attention is turned into making the seats better. That makes new 2019 Alfa Romeo Grand SUV and the passengers inside cozier. Cozier feeling for the customers means larger interest. Now, they’re equipped with better lumbar support. Besides that, there are finer heating and cooling options available. Alfa Romeo’s engineers are ensured that there will be the best infotainment system installed in new Grand SUV so far. To make him perfect for both younger generations and for the families, Alfa Romeo’s engineers have installed so much great new functions.

2019 Alfa Romeo Grand SUV Rear

2019 Alfa Romeo Grand SUV Engine, Performances, Specs

The engine unit is really special for new 2019 Alfa Romeo Grand SUV. His engineers have prepared one real treat for all of the interested customers. That’s newly developed the 2.0-liter petrol powered engine with 4-cylinder, turbocharger, and intercooler. This is one really amazing engine option and we’re looking forward to seeing how customers will react to his performances. What we know is that he can develop the 400 horsepower and we’re thrilled with that power amount to be honest.

It’s going to work in pair with the 8-speed automatic transmission system. The fuel consumption is set to be 23/27 mpg city/highway. This one can send the power to the rear two wheels only which makes him really good and interesting but we’re hoping that in the future, Alfa Romeo’s engineers could make him available with AWD mode.

2019 Alfa Romeo Grand SUV Price and Estimated Launch Date

It is said that new 2019 Alfa Romeo Grand SUV can’t be released before the summer of 2019. That makes him available at the July 2019. The price for this magnificent SUV is set to be $45.000.

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