2018 Toyota Prius front

There is bound to be a great deal of interest in the detail of the latest upgrade for one of the world’s leading hybrid cars. The 2018 Toyota Prius is now the best-selling model for the high profile Japanese auto manufacturer. Not too much has been let out of the bag about the latest redesign but a few details have been and there is plenty of rumor and speculation.

2018 Toyota Prius front

2018 Toyota Prius Interior and Exterior

2018 Toyota Prius the is expected to have had a small facelift with some improvements made especially at the front of the car in improving the lines. There will also be a new grille and updated LED lamps. The manufacturer is employing its Toyota Global New Architecture platform which will enable the design team to get a bit more space in the cabin. The previous design also increased the weight of the car and Toyota is looking to rectify this in order to help boost performance by improving the power to weight ratio.

2018 Toyota Prius the interior will get the benefit of a redesign and an upgrade to house all of the latest technical equipment to assist the driver including a touch screen interface and state of the art entertainment and navigation systems. There is also all the usual safety equipment including seven airbags, parking assistance, a pre-collision warning system and an auto intelligent braking system. 2018 Toyota Prius there is seating for five passengers and the luxury of a solar roof.

2018 Toyota Prius rear

2018 Toyota Prius Engine

The 2018 Toyota Prius has a hybrid powertrain that composes of a 1.8L petrol fuelled four cylinder engine capable of producing just over 100 horse power. It has sixteen valves incorporating a variable valve timing system. The lithium ion electric motor is expected to have an improved power output and a greater all electric range increasing to over thirty miles. 2018 Toyota Prius the combined power of the car with the petrol and electric is going to be just under 150 horse power and a fuel economy of up to 94 mpg for the petrol engine, on a hybrid basis that could become over 160 mpg. Rumors suggest that there will be a plug in version and an optional extra of four wheel drive.

2018 Toyota Prius interior

2018 Toyota Prius Price and Release Date

The latest upgrade of the 2018 Toyota Prius will be an improved version of the already highly energy efficient car that is currently selling very well. Further developments in technology will only raise the electric range of the car in the future. 2018 Toyota Prius the cost of the new model will be in the region of around $25,000 for the basic model. 2018 Toyota Prius speculation is such that the model is likely to make an appearance at most of the major motor shows around the globe next year with a scheduled release date in late 2018.

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