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2018 Toyota 4Runner News, Release date

2018 Toyota 4Runner front

If there can be model which we want to see and drive even before we are sure that he`s going to be released it`s Toyota`s 4Runner which have some brilliant generations before. But now, we are more than thrilled with the news from Toyota, new 4Runner is about to be released for 2018 year market. With new 2018 Toyota 4Runner present on the market, there is going to be more competition on the market so we know that will definitely effect on the producers to reduce price of their models which will customers definitely approve.

2018 Toyota 4Runner front

2018 Toyota 4Runner Special Features, Proud Design

There won`t be totally redesigned exterior made for this new 2018 Toyota 4Runner but Toyota will do everything they can do make him refreshed and so the customers will choose this SUV model before numerous of others. We`ve heard that biggest attempt for new 4Runner will be to beat Land Cruiser Prado and model called Hilux and because of that, we can say that Toyota will do everything to make new 4Runner go off-road as good as on the regular streets.

Toyota will try to give him some slightly restyled exterior details to make him more attractive and biggest change will happen on the front bumper which will be almost totally restyled with larger air diffusers present on it. Headlights above them will remain to have the same shape and size with some new lamps present for better visibility. Other than headlights, both fog lights and taillights will receive some new lamps for better functionality. When we`ve said that new 2018 Toyota 4Runner will be better in off-road driving we know that can be done only with new wheels added, this time, Toyota will give him newest 19.0-inch ones and with them, new 4Runner looks way more aggressive.

Exterior definitely looks more aggressive than before but inside new 2018 Toyota 4Runner it`s totally different story. Toyota will create cabin which will say that this is one luxury, fancy vehicle. Everything inside, starting from the door panels to the seats will be made using softest materials, leather primarily. With that extra soft seats, Toyota will gain more comfort and definitely more satisfied customers. As addition to the comfort, Toyota must create something which will provide fun for the passengers. Because of that, larger main touchscreen, now 7.0-inch is jammed on the middle of instrument board inside new 2018 Toyota 4Runner. We`ve said main screen because some rumors tells us that passengers in the back will have two their own screens. So many new functions will be added but primarily connection ones, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and Internet connectivity will be there.

2018 Toyota 4Runner rear

2018 Toyota 4Runner Engine, Safety Package

We know that this new 2018 Toyota 4Runner really is great SUV but one thing that we don`t like about it is that he`s going to be equipped with only one engine unit. No matter that engine will be great but they could put some extra effort and offer at least one more unit. That one and only engine is 4.0-liter V6 which is able to develop more than 270 horsepower and torque amount provided will be 277 lb/ft. 5-speed ECT-I transmission system will be connected with this engine unit and it will allow him to send the power to either all four wheels or just front two ones. Fuel consumption is different for AWD and FWD. When you drive your new 2018 Toyota 4Runner on FWD mode it`ll use 17/23 mpg city/highway and when you use AWD mode it`ll be 17/21 mpg city/highway.

2018 Toyota 4Runner interior

2018 Toyota 4Runner Latest Info, Price

For start, if you want basic trim level of new 2018 Toyota 4Runner you`ll have to pa around $33.000 and if you want more from him, you`ll have to separate more than $45.000. We still don`t have official information`s about when will new 4Runner be released but we can`t expect it to be available before February of 2018.

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