2018 Rezvani Beast X

We can`t see that much car manufactures that can hit a jackpot with their first model. That happened to the Rezvani Motors which first model called Beast was extremely popular the minute it reached the markets. Now, Rezvani Motors wants to use that popularity and because of that, they`ve decided to produce new, upgraded version of called with letter X added to its name. This new 2018 Rezvani Beast X will definitely be different and stronger that the regular Beast was, that letter X isn`t there just for fun, it’s there to tell you something. This time Beast X tells us that it is really a beast.

2018 Rezvani Beast X

2018 Rezvani Beast X Exterior and Interior

When it appeared, original Beast was extra popular because of its great shape which provided amazing aerodynamic abilities and that helped him reach better performances and higher speed. This new 2018 Rezvani Beast X will have even better overall shape because Rezvani`s engineers placed him even closer to the ground. We expect to see him appearing with 20.0-inch alloy wheels that will help him increase his luxury appearance and style. Larger air diffuser will be placed on new Beast X to keep his engine cooled and effective during no matter what effort he`s exposed to.

New 2018 Rezvani Beast X and his interior design can be described simple, it`s going to be perfect two seater with very simple cabin design. His seats will have unique design and they will be made using newly developed materials, not lather as all other car companies. On the instrument board we can see only large touchscreen that will contain all the information`s and functions installed in new Beast X. We still don`t have any official information`s revealed about the infotainment features of new 2018 Rezvani Beast X but we`ll keep you informed.

2018 Rezvani Beast X rear

2018 Rezvani Beast X Engine

New 2018 Rezvani Beast X will receive his amazing power due to usage of 2.4-liter four-cylinder engine that is now capable to generate around 500 horse power and 374 lb/ft of maximum torque amount. Knowing that this engine will be connected to the 6-speed manual or automatic gear box we are sure that it`s going to accelerate form 0-60 mph in 2.5 seconds which will make him faster than before and among the fastest cars in the world. When we know that this new Beast X is going to have amazing aerodynamic abilities, it can go even faster.

2018 Rezvani Beast X interior

2018 Rezvani Beast X Price and Release date

Even though we still don`t have official information`s about the release date and price for new 2018 Rezvani Beast X we are sure that Rezvani Motors could offer him in only limited produced numbers. Some speculations tells us that new Beast X can`t be offered before the half of 2018 and we could hear that his starting price will probably go around $325.000.

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