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2018 Renault Alpine Convertible Review

2018 Renault Alpine front

It was hard for us to think how we could introduce this Renault`s new car because it isn`t new but we haven`t seen anything from it for more than 20 years because Renault stopped his production in 1995 after more than 40 years his presence on the market. Now, Renault revealed that new generation of Alpine will be produced to be ready to hit the markets in 2018, and in convertible version as well. New 2018 Renault Alpine Convertible will make a lot of people happy because it was quite popular car in his time and now, Renault must put some extra effort to make him return that popularity and reputation, hard work is in front of Renault.

2018 Renault Alpine front

2018 Renault Alpine Convertible Exterior and Interior

When we discus about any other convertible version we must say, and you already know that, that his exterior appearance is the same as his regular coupe version, just without roof. We must mention that this new 2018 Renault Alpine Convertible reminds us a lot on Porsche`s famous 911. These two fantastic sport cars shares similar grille design, headlights are also similar and because we know that biggest opponent for new Alpine will be Porsche`s other model, 718 Boxster. On the back we can see very thin but extra effective taillights which will receive newest LED lightening to increase his visibility. Also, overall weight of the car will be reduced because of the usage of aluminum and carbon fiber.

With interior it is everything the same as with the exterior, there won`t be anything different from the regular coupe version. Maybe the most interesting thing inside new 2018 Renault Alpine Convertible is his sporty bucket seats made from extra quality leather and Alcantara as well. His instrument board will be well designed with everything one true sport car should have and besides that awesome equipment that new 2018 Renault Alpine Convertible possess, design of that instrument board is amazing, those blue interior lights are great touch from Renault designers. We still don`t know what hi-tech and safety functions will be installed in new Alpine but we are more than sure that it will offer only the newest and proved ones.

2018 Renault Alpine side

2018 Renault Alpine Convertible Engine

Once again, new 2018 Renault Alpine Convertible will share engine compartment with the coupe version but with more power available. That engine will be 1.6-liter 4-cylinder turbocharger that will be able to generate 230 horse power and around 250 lb/ft of torque amount. Using this great amount of power, new Alpine will be able to reach 60 mph in just 4 seconds.

2018 Renault Alpine interior

2018 Renault Alpine Convertible Price and Release date

Price and release date of new 2018 Renault Alpine Convertible is still a mystery well hidden but we`ve heard some rumors that new Alpine Convertible will cost around $33.000 for his basic version and when we take a look on how his work is progressing, we think that new 2018 Renault Alpine Convertible can`t be available before the beginning of 2018.

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