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2018 Mini Rocketman Power, Release date

2018 Mini Rocketman front

New 2018 Mini Rocketman is one of those cars for you can`t say that it is boring. No, it is quite unique vehicle. Small but well equipped SUV. It has been one of the most interesting vehicles before, but now, it`ll become even better. Just wait and see. New Rocketman is surely product of many sleepless nights and great work combined. We can`t say that his previous generation`s had some success on the market. Well, this new one can really make it better. We expect him to be one of the most popular small-size SUVs on the market.

2018 Mini Rocketman front

2018 Mini Rocketman Exterior and Interior, Review, Style

Maybe the best thing about new 2018 Mini Rocketman is that they`ve managed to make it safer than ever only making his exterior better. This time, they`ve managed to make his visibility better than ever. Every window is bigger than before providing the driver almost 360 degrees visibility. That is something that no much SUV can brag about. Better visibility is also provided thanks to better lamps that new Rocketman is equipped with. They`re all better and redesigned a bit. For example, headlights are now way rounder than before.

Taillights are bigger than they`ve used to be and placed closer to one another. Fog lights are also bigger than we`ve used to see on Rocketman or on any other Mini`s vehicle. New 2018 Mini Rocketman will be equipped with bigger air vents which can make engine cooled more effectively. That can provide him better performances which are also important to increase better sold numbers. What is the most interesting thing about the exterior of new Rocketman is his trunk opening, it is different than on any other vehicle.

Interior design of new 2018 Mini Rocketman is also something you`ll remember. It is made using softest and most quality materials you can find on the market. There will be great mixture of leather, aluminum and carbon fiber. There won`t be place for plastic inside new Rocketman. New 2018 Mini Rocketman is full of the surprises. Just wait until you switch on the car. Just then you`ll see tachometer and the rest of the important information`s about the car.

Mini will try to give him some of the finest functions and greatest thing about them is that the biggest part of the functions can be controlled using only the power of your own voice. With it, you know that this SUV will be safer than some others. It`s going to be roomy and cozy as well, we can`t forget to mention that as well. His seats will be equipped even with the heating and cooling options which will be great for the customers.

2018 Mini Rocketman side

2018 Mini Rocketman Engine, Power, Performances

So far, only one engine is mentioned to be available for new 2018 Mini Rocketman. That will be his basic choice and it`s going to be under the hood of the basic trim level of new Rocketman. That is 1.5-liter 3-cylinder unit. This engine is capable to supply this new Rocketman with 138 horsepower and with torque amount of 169 lb/ft as maximum. Paired with 6-speed automatic or manual transmission system (it`s up to you to choose) this engine will be able to provide better performances than before. His acceleration time will now be 7.5 seconds from 0-60 mph. Speed and acceleration isn`t the thing why customers will choose new Rocketman, it`ll be his fuel consumption which will be extremely low this time.

2018 Mini Rocketman

2018 Mini Rocketman Price and Estimated Launch Date

Starting price for new 2018 Mini Rocketman will be extra affordable, only $15.000 for his basic trim level. Release date isn`t yet announced but we expect it to be around March 2018.

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