2018 Mercedes GLK front

GLK was, as true representative of mid-size super luxury SUVs, on the market since the 2008 and from that year, Mercedes keeps making him improved and better so the customers can be fully satisfied with GLK. Mercedes revealed that they`re planning to release new generation of GLK in 2018 and to make him ready to conquer the world. To do that, new 2018 Mercedes GLK will have to make a lot of upgrades all around the vehicle, maybe the customers will want to see a lot of upgrades made under the hood, we`ll see what Mercedes have to say on that.

2018 Mercedes GLK front

2018 Mercedes GLK Exterior and Interior

First thing that we must mention when we talk about the exterior of 2018 Mercedes GLK is his slightly increased dimensions because Mercedes now placed him on new MRA platform. This platform will allow him to use carbon fiber and aluminum in chassis building so he can have reduced body weight which will make go faster and that`ll make him use less fuel. We already like new GLK. Mercedes really paid a lot of attention to every detail on the exterior of new GLK. They ensure us that new GLK will have a lot of chrome details added, especially on the grille, it`s going to be almost completely restyled. LED lights will be added to the headlights as well as the fog lights. All this tells us that new 2018 Mercedes GLK will be crossover that can really move some limits and raise some bars to the higher level.

We know that new 2018 Mercedes GLK will be bigger than before and because of that, he`s going to have more room for the passengers inside, all of those 5 passengers that can be placed inside will enjoy maximum comfort level that has been offered in GLK recently. Seats will be made from premium leather so you don`t have to worry that you`ll be tired after long trip. One more thing that can make you feel extra comfortable and relaxed, besides amazing seats, is great lights placed all around the cabin. Infotainment system will be completely renewed and it`ll receive new touchscreen display that will definitely be larger than before. All the features that were in the previous generation of GLK will be transferred and updated for 2018 Mercedes GLK, some new ones will be installed as well.

2018 Mercedes GLK rear

2018 Mercedes GLK Engine

Mercedes revealed that new 2018 Mercedes GLK can be powered by three different sets of engines. Basic version will have 2.0-liter inline-4 petrol engine that will be able to generate 241 horse power and 273 lb/ft of torque. Next engine choice for new GLK will be 2.1-liter diesel engine that will generate 200 horse power and torque amount of 370 lb/ft. Third engine option will have the most power, that`ll be 3.0-liter V6 engine that is able to deliver 329 horse power and 354 lb/ft of torque. All of these engines will be paired with 7-speed automatic gear box.

2018 Mercedes GLK side

2018 Mercedes GLK Price and Release date

Not any detail about the release date or price for new 2018 Mercedes GLK is revealed but some unofficial estimations tells us that new 2018 Mercedes GLK, his basic version, will have starting price of around $40.000 and we think that he`ll be available for purchase at the spring of 2018.

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