2018 Mercedes CLA front

Luxury sedans are surely category that we can`t get boring of and new 2018 Mercedes CLA surely isn`t boring car. As you read that Mercedes is his creators, you know that you`re about to see magnificent car. New CLA really is that, one magnificent and special car. It`s going to be designed the way only Germans know how, with great attention even for the smallest details. Every piece on this car will have his place and no matter from what angle you take a look on him, it`s amazing. Here, you can see that is all true. Take a look on new CLA.

2018 Mercedes CLA front

2018 Mercedes CLA Exterior and Interior Design, Review

You all know that Mercedes really have some of the world`s finest engineers and designers and if you didn`t know that, well new 2018 Mercedes CLA is there to prove that theory. His exterior design is really brilliant. Whoever gets new CLA will make he look classy and more than successful because this car really bring the best in a person. His front part will be really nicely shaped. It`s going to have long hood with some really nice lines added.

Headlights will be big and designed in square shape but with not those sharp edges. Air vents will be just under the headlights and it`s going to be made in the same shape. Grille will be almost round shape with large Mercedes logo on the middle of it. On the sides, we can see large side mirrors which will be painted in the same color as entire 2018 Mercedes CLA. Rear part is completed with longer rear glass and with bigger bumper. Taillights will remain the same as before with new set of lamps to use. There will be more than great exterior color options choice for the potential customers of new CLA which is more than great for the customers.

Cabin is also one more thing that Germans really know how to handle and how to make it look amazing and stunning. TH sinew 2018 Mercedes CLA will have his cabin made in the way that you`re going to remain with your jaws wide open and breathless. White leather will be present inside new CLA and almost entire cabin will be made using that material.

Instrument board will be slightly bigger than before and equipped with larger touchscreen on the middle of it. Great thing about new 2018 Mercedes CLA is that he`s going to be offered with perfectly balanced number of entertainment and safety functions which can make him great for younger generations and families as well. Some of the standard functions which will be installed in his infotainment functions are: rear view camera, adaptive cruise control, parking sensors, Bluetooth and USB connection, automatic climate controller, satellite radio, blind spot monitors, airbags, emergency braking system and many others.

2018 Mercedes CLA side

2018 Mercedes CLA Engine, Power, Abilities

This new 2018 Mercedes CLA will be available with two versions of one engine, one weaker than the other. That engine will be 2.0-liter 4-cylinder turbocharged unit. In first, basic option, he`s going to be able to supply it with 200 horsepower and with 258 lb/ft as maximum torque amount. Second, strong option will generate 375 hp and torque amount of 350 lb/ft. No doubt what version you choose you`ll be more than satisfied because fuel consumption is now even reduced when we compare it to some similar models.

2018 Mercedes CLA rear

2018 Mercedes CLA Price and Estimated Launch Date

This new 2018 Mercedes CLA will be released at the July 2018, as the Mercedes announced. His starting price will be around $33.000 which isn`t that much for this kind of car. It`s great deal for new CLA.

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