2018 Mercedes AMG SL65 front

Mercedes AMG SL has been a wonderful machine and has attracted attention of many ever since the first model was launched in the year 50’s. Mercedes AMG SL has been a symbol of personal success and also a apt representation of the master class of German Engineering. The latest 2018 Mercedes AMG SL65 currently going to slated above the SL550 and also the V8 powered SL63.

2018 Mercedes AMG SL65 front

2018 Mercedes AMG SL65 Exterior

SL is the short form of short lightweight, which is why it looks like Mercedes has made a conscious effort to remove all the excess pounds from the car which has enabled it to live up to its name. The 2018 Mercedes AMG SL65 is completely made from the low weight aluminum body shell which has also ensured to make the car a lightweight affair. Along with this there is also a high strength steel which is incorporated at some times to enhance good rigidity. There is also a carbon fiber which is used on the inner frame of the trunk lid. As a result of all these weight reduction the SL65 tips the scale at about 4,300 pounds.

In terms of the exterior looks the car has a cleaner surface and also reshaped head lamps. There is also a brand new grille on the surface of the car which just completely transforms the look. But after making a change in the front, Mercedes seems to have run out of the budget as there is absolutely no change in the car from the rear end. Side view of the car also gives a very beautiful and stylish feel which makes this a much better looking car.

2018 Mercedes AMG SL65 rear

2018 Mercedes AMG SL65 Engine, Interior

In terms of the interiors of 2018 Mercedes AMG SL 65 the cockpit of the car has very good sporty looks. There are two bucket seats along with the good looking sporty three spoke steering wheel which have all the necessary functions. The 2018 Mercedes AMG SL65 has standardized high definition touch screen panel which runs on the Mercedes Command infotainment system. SL65 is also loaded with embrace which is a system panel that include many cloud based services such as weather update, location based traffic update and much more. Along with this the car comes in with host of other features such as power adjustable mirrors, temperature control seats, dual zone automatic AC and much, and a very powerful music system.

Under the hood of 2018 Mercedes AMG SL 65 was designed to give a more powerful performance that all its subordinate cars. There is a 6.0 liter, V12 engine in the car which generates a daunting 621 horsepower along with a massive 738 lb ft of torque. Gear box of the 2018 Mercedes AMG SL65 has a seven speed automatic transmission. The SL 65 is capable of reaching a speed of 60mph in just 3.9 seconds.

2018 Mercedes AMG SL65 interior

2018 Mercedes AMG SL65, Price, Release date, Fuel Efficiency

As the 2018 Mercedes AMG SL65 has made some upgrade to its weight its believed the car will have a better mileage then the previous model. It is believed that the car will have 14 mpg mileage in the city and a 21 mpg mileage when you are running it on highway.

The release date of the car is currently not declared but according to our reliable sources the car might hit the markets in the mid of 2018. In terms of the price the car might be released at a tag of $85,975.

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