2018 Lincoln MKS front

2018 Lincoln MKS will be here to make us speechless. No doubt that Lincoln is famous about making extra luxury vehicles. Because of that, we already know that new MKS has all it takes to reach the top of the luxury markets. This new MKS has serious plans to overtake throne of luxury sedan list. It`s up to you at the end. All that Lincoln has to do is to make you love that model. We love it so we`ve prepared small review about new MKS so you can see is this model all you have wished for.

2018 Lincoln MKS front

2018 Lincoln MKS Exterior and Interior Shape

New 2018 Lincoln MKS will be slightly redesigned when it comes to the exterior design. You don`t need to expect something drastic to be placed on his exterior because, after all, Lincoln wants to keep it recognizable again. Great shape is something MKS is famous about so that won`t be changed. Front fascia is rumored to receive biggest amount of changes.

Headlights will be bigger and this time, they`ll be connected to the dual grille. Hood will be longer and it`s going to have some new lines added on the middle and on the sides. Front bumper will be reinforced thanks to more carbon fiber usage. 2018 Lincoln MKS will have his fog lamps bigger than they`ve been before. Air vents under them are also bigger than we`ve used to see them. New MKS will be placed on 20.0-inch alloy tires which really suit him more than amazing. All in all, new MKS is one really handsome and nicely designed sedan. No doubt he`s going to be one of the finest sedans on the market.

You’ll find out that new 2018 Lincoln MKS is surely one of the coziest and roomy sedans you’ve seen in a while. Every one of 5 passengers inside will have more than enough room to feel relaxed. Even the cargo room is a bit increased this time. That means you can carry as much luggage as you want. Everything inside will be painted in black color so it can make it look even classier this time. Seats will be designed with better lumbar support to make you even better.

This time, you won’t feel any bump on the road. All the functions inside new 2018 Lincoln MKS will updated. This time, new MKS will have the most spectacular safety functions that will make him the best family choice. There will be: emergency braking, cruise and traction control, airbags, rear-view camera, parking sensors, collision migration, Bluetooth and USB connection and many others. Instrument board inside new MKS will be released with less buttons than before which will make him extra modern and well-equipped.

2018 Lincoln MKS interior

2018 Lincoln MKS Engine, Power, Abilities

This new 2018 Lincoln MKS will be released with two similar engine choices. One will be stronger and other not so much. First and probably basic choice will be 3.5-liter unit. This one can develop 300 horsepower. 2nd choice for new MKS and for his customers will be 3.7-liter V6 unit which can generate 360 horsepower. Both of these engines will be paired with 6-speed automatic transmission system. This one can make his fuel consumption estimated to 23/28 mpg city/highway as basic consumption. Basic version of MKS will have front wheel drive mode but if you want it, it can be connected to AWD as well. Lincoln’s engineers will leave that as an option for you.

2018 Lincoln MKS rear

2018 Lincoln MKS Price and Estimated Launch Date

Release date for new 2018 Lincoln MKS is tricky to estimate. We think it can’t be released before summer 2018, not before July 2018. Starting price for him will be $40.000 and some more equipped trim levels will go over $55.000.

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