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2018 Honda Pilot Review, Redesign

2018 Honda Pilot front

Honda is proved to be very effective company and that theirs designers and engineers most of the time don`t want to accept anything less than perfection. New 2018 Honda Pilot is just latest proof for that, it`s designed with great attention and it is evidence that there is better than better. See it yourself. Here it is, small review of Honda`s new Pilot as great crossover.

2018 Honda Pilot front

2018 Honda Pilot Changes, Redesign, Review

Since we all know that Pilot is really fresh SUV model, we can`t say that we`re expecting some drastic changes to be placed on the exterior design. New 2018 Honda Pilot will be just refreshed a bit to make it more functional. His front part will be lowered a bit down but that won`t affect his off-road abilities. His overall shape and size will remain as it were before but since both of his bumpers are announced to be reinforced, we are really hoping to see new Pilot have his overall weight reduced.

Headlights and grille will be exactly the same as in previous version but made with finer materials and, when it comes to lights, with better lamps. Door handlers are restyled now and that is only difference which will be visible on new 2018 Honda Pilot. Taillights will also remain as they were but also with new set of lamps.

Cabin of new 2018 Honda Pilot is really something you already know that it`s going to be spectacular because his previous generation is also great. This time, Honda will try to remove the plastic materials from the cabin of new Pilot which means that he`s going to be one of the best equipped SUVs on the market. There will be leather, wooden details, carbon fiber and some others. Seats will be slightly restyled with better lumbar support. In some higher trim levels, they`re announced to have heating options, so far, only for front two rows. Honda`s officials made it clear that new 2018 Honda Pilot is already well equipped with finest and most useful functions which means that probably nothing new will be added to this new generation of Pilot and we know that all of the functions from the previous, current, generation will be updated.

2018 Honda Pilot interior

2018 Honda Pilot Engine, Power, Modifications

Since the release date of new 2018 Honda Pilot is still far away, we can only say that we are sure only for one engine unit that it`s really going to be available for this kind of crossover. That will be 3.5-liter V6 unit which can supply new Pilot with 280 horsepower and with torque amount of 263 lb/ft as maximum. This will probably be basic choice but there will be at least two additional ones. There will be two gear box options. Basic one will be 6-speed automatic one while additional one can be 9-speed automatic one.

2018 Honda Pilot rear

2018 Honda Pilot Price and Estimated Launch Date

Release date of new 2018 Honda Pilot is still hard to estimate but we think he can`t be released before the July of 2018 and we think he can`t be released for the price of under $31.000.

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