2018 GMC Acadia front

GMC is starting to become Company that creates really luxury models and 2018 GMC Acadia is latest proof for that. Even though he`s big, new Acadia is full-size SUV, he`s quite stylish and modern. With everything rumored about him, we are sure that he`s going to be placed in the top category, especially in the United States. We`ve gathered all we know about new Acadia for you to be impressed with him. We definitely are.

2018 GMC Acadia front

2018 GMC Acadia Redesign, Changes, Review

As we`ve said, new 2018 GMC Acadia is full-size SUV, even larger than before. Due to that, GMC must do something about his weight. Not just they`ve made in the same, they`ve even managed to reduce it for about 200 pounds. All that thanks to more aluminum and carbon fiber in the platform. When it comes to the design, grille will definitely be the thing which is redesigned the most. It is brand new for new Acadia. It will be wider and made with more chrome to shine better than it used to be.

Headlights next to it will be wider and longer than before with amazing set of lamps to make the visibility improved. On the sides of new 2018 GMC Acadia we can notice new shape of the side mirrors. Now, they`ll be made in the same color as entire body. When you look at the back, you can also see newly shaped taillights with new LED lamps prepare for it to use.

7 adult passengers can be placed in 2018 GMC Acadia with no problem at all. That will give you the idea how big new Acadia really is. Cargo room is massive and spectacular and when you fold 3rd and 2nd row of seats, it`s going to be even bigger. Since the seats are organized in 2-2-3, there is no need for two screens on the back of the 1st row of seats. Every person inside will have great view on the central one. That central touchscreen is announced to be 10.0-inches wide.

Cabin of new 2018 GMC Acadia will really be made in new style so black and grey color will be basic and it`s going to provide him spectacular look. As we`ve announced, GMC is starting to become luxury Company. Due to that, there won`t be plastic used inside new Acadia at all. Only finest leather, wood and carbon fiber.

2018 GMC Acadia side

2018 GMC Acadia Engine, Abilities, Transmission

What we are sure about the engine for new 2018 GMC Acadia is that it`s going to be brand new. At least the basic one will be. According to the rumors, it`s going to be 3.6-liter V6 unit able to supply it with 310 horsepower. 6-speed automatic transmission system will be one and only option for new Acadia. This engine unit will have it`s fuel consumption estimated to 30 mpg combined driving (city/highway). Of course, AWD mode will be basic choice for this type of crossover. Estimated acceleration time from 0-60 mph is around 6 seconds flat which is great for massive SUV.

2018 GMC Acadia interior

2018 GMC Acadia Price and Estimated Arrival Date

We can`t expect him to be priced under $30k when it comes to the basic choice. When it comes to the release date for new 2018 GMC Acadia that should be around September 2017.

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