2018 Genesis G90 front

We still don`t have precise information`s of that how this newest addition to the Hyundai`s lineup called 2018 Genesis G90 will look like but we surely know that it will definitely look awesome and we think that it will definitely make every customers really take closer look on this type of extra luxury sedan. Hyundai still didn`t revealed any specific details about it but it already attract a lot of attention to it and we know that there are a lot of interested and potential customers.

2018 Genesis G90 front

2018 Genesis G90 Exterior and Interior

Hyundai will try to make entry for this type of sedan by making him extra powerful form the exterior and to make him look like he is, strong sedan that can easily answer to all of your demands. It will have totally new front part, redesigned by giving him new LED headlights together with reinforced front, but and back one as well, bumper. It will have body made using mostly aluminum as one of the lightest materials from which car can be made. All this will help new 2018 Genesis G90 to increase his aerodynamic abilities and increase his performances and bring them to the top. Great thing about him is that he`s going to be offered with more than one metallic exterior colors. To finish with new alloy wheels, this new 2018 Genesis G90 can be called as exceptional sedan.


Hyundai will do everything to make this newest addition to their lineup to be among the newest and among the most modern looking cars that will have more than great designed interior. All the finest materials will be used, mostly leather, to make cabin of 2018 Genesis G90 as comfortable and relaxed to the passengers. But today, comfort isn`t only thing that passengers are looking for, they want their cars to have totally new infotainment system that have all newest technologically and safety features installed. And new Genesis G90 will, thanks to the Hyundai`s engineers have all of that, and even more.

2018 Genesis G90 rear


2018 Genesis G90 Engine

Hyundai revealed that new Genesis will be equipped with two types of engines so customers can choose what they like better. Basic engine type for new 2018 Genesis G90 will probably be 5.0-liter V8 that is more than suitable to generate 420 horse power and torque of 383 lb/ft. Next engine that is connected with new 2018 Genesis G90 can be 3.3-liter V6 twin-turbo engine that is enough to generate 365 horse power and torque of 376 lb/ft. Both of this engine is enough to satisfy all the demands from the customers, the one for speed and the one for fuel efficiency.

2018 Genesis G90 interior

2018 Genesis G90 Price and Release date

Price for this model is maybe the safest hidden secret ever, it is still unknown but based on all of the equipment, we think that it can`t be cheap. New 2018 Genesis G90 will be shown at the end of 2017.

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