2018 Ferrari FF front

4th generation of this Ferrari`s popular model will be ready and prepared for the Ferrari`s 2018 lineup and to be one of the finest they have ready for that year. This new 2018 Ferrari FF will be real pleasure to ride and to look at because it`ll be amazing, true piece of art made by Ferrari. This new FF is Ferrari`s way to say that is possible to combine great performances with amazing design, inside and out.

2018 Ferrari FF front

2018 Ferrari FF Exterior and Interior

Even on the first sight you`ll be able to notice that this is one true sport car which is all about the performances. Because of that, Ferrari will do their best to make his exterior design as closer to the perfection. For start, they`ve designed him to be extra functional, they`ve placed him closer to the ground and they`ve changed his shape to be have better aerodynamic abilities. As cherry on a top, only lightweight materials are used in chassis of new 2018 Ferrari FF, carbon fiber and aluminum will do the trick. All the lights will use newly developed LED lamps for better visibility.

Interior design is still kept as a mystery because we weren`t able to see any original picture of it so we must listen what some of the officials have to say about it. For start, we know that new 2018 Ferrari FF will be equipped with the finest materials that will help him increase his luxury level inside. When it comes to his instrument board, we`ve heard from some reliable sources that Ferrari will try to reduce number of buttons inside so we could expect it to appear with large touchscreen through which you`ll be able to control most of the functions installed in new 2018 Ferrari FF. We still don`t have any official information`s about the equipment inside but we know that it will be only new ones installed.

2018 Ferrari FF rear

2018 Ferrari FF Engine

There are a lot of speculation`s about the engine compartment of 2018 Ferrari FF and we aren`t sure what is true. So we pick one engine that is mentioned most of the times so we think that he`s going to appear as Ferrari`s first choice for new FF. That engine will, almost surely, be 6.3-liter V12 with more than 700 horse power and torque of 530 lb/ft ability to create. This great amount of power will allow new FF to go up to 211 mph as his maximum speed and to go from 0-60 mph in just 3 seconds which is more than great job from Ferrari.

2018 Ferrari FF interior

2018 Ferrari FF Price and Release date

Price for new 2018 Ferrari FF is estimated to be around $250.000 and some of his most well equipped models will be priced over $300.000. Release date is estimated to be somewhere around the beginning of 2018 but Ferrari mentioned that they`ll do their best to make him available even before the start of 2018.

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