2018 Ferrari Dino front

The 2018 Ferrari Dino is Ferrari’s attempt to resurrect the old brand of Ferrari’s from the 70’s. Dino’s were Ferrari models which had engines with less than 12 cylinders and they were named after Enzo Ferrari’s son Dino. The new Dino should be a V6 sports car, which is a rarity in their stables.

2018 Ferrari Dino front

2018 Ferrari Dino Interior, Exterior

The new 2017 Ferrari Dino interior is shrouded in mystery as of right now, but due to the fact that it will reportedly be no less expensive than the California T model, we can expect that Ferrari will equip its newest Dino model with all the luxury items one can expect. Dino should have leather covered seats, leather covered dashboard and a leather steering wheel. Expect a lot of carbon fiber incorporated where possible, all in an attempt to cut down the weight. The steering wheel should be what we came to expect from Ferrari, a flat bottomed wheel, with loads of controls under the driver’s fingertips. In terms of technology and entertainment systems, you can expect all the latest gadgets Ferrari has to offer, rounded up with a top of the line audio system.

Dino’s exterior should reveal its sporting nature. Going off of reports, Dino should borrow some of its design from 488 GTB. However it should feature unique lights, doors and bumpers. You can expect a lot of air intakes, small flags on the front bumper, and a lot more details which will help with aerodynamics of the car. In turn this will help the car handle really well at high speed, which is a prerequisite for any high end sports car.

2018 Ferrari Dino side

2018 Ferrari Dino Engine

New 2018 Ferrari Dino is a big landmark in Ferrari’s history, this is the first V6 road model since 1974, the only Ferrari’s to come out of Maranello fitted with V6 engines were their F1 cars. This reincarnation of the Dino of old will be powered by a modified 3.0 V6 engine, which can currently be found in an Alfa Romeo Giulia QV.

That engine produces 503 break horse power in the Alfa Romeo, but Ferrari will surely manage to squeeze a bit more out of it. California T, with which the new Dino is often compared with has an engine which produces 550 break horse power, so it’s reasonable to expect that the new Dino will come somewhere around the 530 bhp mark. Dino will be lighter than California T, which in turn means it will be quicker of the mark and it should reach the 60 mph mark in around 3.3 seconds, compared California’s 3.6 seconds. Its top speed will likely be set around 200 mph.

2018 Ferrari Dino rear

2018 Ferrari Dino Price, Release date

As mentioned before, according to FIAT’s CEO Sergio Marchionne the new Dino will carry a price tag similar to the one of California T. This means it will cost around $200,000. Its release is expected sometime in 2017 for the 2018 model year.

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