2018 Cadillac LTS front

As we all are aware of, Cadillac is maybe the most successful car company on the US market and with new 2018 Cadillac LTS they have potential to grow even bigger. At the moment, this new LTS is just a concept but looking at him, we can`t say that we aren`t satisfied so we are sure you`ll be pleased with it as well. This will be one of the Cadillac`s finest sedans and one more their way to conquer that market once again. Take a look and decide, can new LTS be something bigger than just a concept.

2018 Cadillac LTS front

2018 Cadillac LTS Exterior and Interior Redesign, Review

As we know that new 2018 Cadillac LTS is still just a concept, there is no official pictures shown of this model. All the pictures we`ve seen are something that new LTS might look like. If some of those pictures are true, new LTS will look more than stunning and it`s surely going to be one of the nicest looking sedans on the market. His shape looks great and we know that it`s going to provide him more than amazing aerodynamic abilities. His front part looks longer than before with some great looking lines on the hood.

Headlights are thin but long with surely some new lamps to make it more effective. Sides of new 2018 Cadillac LTS are longer and they have really nicely designed side mirrors which will probably be painted in different color than the entire exterior is. Back part is also nicely styled. It have stunning taillights design with great back bumper under it. Great thing about new LTS is that it`s going to be made entirely from lightweight materials which can make him have serious low weight.

You probably know it, but as we still don`t have official pictures or details about the exterior, you know that we don`t have it about interior as well. We can assume how the cabin of new 2018 Cadillac LTS might look. We are more than sure that Cadillac will give him only finest materials inside to make him extra classy. That means there won`t be any plastic used and that almost entire his cabin will be made using finest leather and wood combination.

Interesting thing about wood is that Cadillac have announced that will be finest rose wood imported from Brazil. There will be enough room for 5 or 4 passengers inside, we still don`t know that officially. It is announced that new 2018 Cadillac LTS will arrive with some brand new entertainment functions, probably some of those that can make you handle all of them using only the power of your voice. We are really hoping that new LTS will be released so that we can welcome him with our hands wide open.

2018 Cadillac LTS rear

2018 Cadillac LTS Engine, Power, MPG

This new 2018 Cadillac LTS is so far known to be available with only one engine unit. That will be 3.6-liter V6 unit. This engine can supply new LTS with 420 horsepower and torque amount of 369 lb/ft as maximum. We still don`t know to what transmission system will this engine be mated, there could be either 6-speed or 8-speed automatic transmission system. What we know is that his basic trim level will be available with FWD while in some higher ones; he can be available with AWD mode as well. Fuel consumption still isn`t announced but we know it won`t be something amazing so it isn`t worth mentioning now.

2018 Cadillac LTS interior

2018 Cadillac LTS Price and Estimated Arrival Date

As we`ve said, new 2018 Cadillac LTS will probably be available in September of 2018. His basic price will probably be around $75.000, not under that surely.

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