2018 Cadillac Ciel front

The legendary company Cadillac will soon introduce another new luxury car model next to Elmiraj, and it will be the new 2018 Cadillac Ciel. This new model will be very attractive from the outside, while the inside will find a lot of modern technology also it is expected that possess a very powerful engine under the hood, so the expectations of potential new customers will be overcome.

2018 Cadillac Ciel front

2018 Cadillac Ciel Luxury and style

Externally the new 2018 Cadillac Ciel will be very attractive and stylish. It is expected that due to the use of aluminum in the production of the total weight of this model will be very small, so because of that performance and fuel economy will be very good. The front and taillights this car will be beautifully designed and will be equipped with modern LED technology. The front cover of this luxury car will be made of chromium and will be very attractive.

The new 2018 Cadillac Ciel inside will be very modern and luxurious. It is assumed that the seat of this model will be manufactured at the highest possible standards, and will be covered with the highest quality leather. Also, it is assumed that in the preparation of the control table will be used the highest quality materials such as wood and leather and will be placed in the middle of the touchscreen, modern air conditioning, rearview camera, collusion control warning, parking assist, traction control, navigation, modern audio player, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, USB, air bags and seat belts.The front bumper of this model will be positioned a very low and will be very aggressive.

2018 Cadillac Ciel rear

2018 Cadillac Ciel Engine and Performance

It is expected that the new 2018 Cadillac Ciel under the hood will be equipped with 3.6-liter V6 twin-turbocharger engine that will be capable of producing about 430 horse power and will have a torque of about 610 Nm also another novelty will be that it will this engine will be mated to two electric motors, but it will be a hybrid version, still is unknown performance of this hybrid engine version.

2018 Cadillac Ciel interior

2018 Cadillac Ciel Price tag

According to rumors the new 2018 Cadillac Ciel should have a starting price of about $ 100.000. It is still unknown the exact information about the release of this new model on the market, and it is assumed that it could be found in April of 2018.

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