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2018 BMW M2 Review, fuel economy

2018 BMW M2 front

If you are thinking of an expensive gift to offer to a friend or a lady, which is not necessary, jewelry, then consider 2018 BMW M2. In the name given to the car, model is a capitalized letter M standing for marvelous. The new BMW model is meant to celebrate the 100th anniversary for the company come 2018. The model comes with unique and amazing design features.

2018 BMW M2 front

2018 BMW M2 Exterior and interior design

The new BMW M2 will be a real sports car. The car will have significant improvements the power secrets as well as racing. A carbon fiber mounted on the roof will be an amazing improvement due to the aluminum suspension.M2 will have a better efficiency than M1 when it comes to carbon material brake rotors. The fiber will lower the net weight of the car, thus making M2 very fast. The interior will be sporty, with bucket seats, special instrument cluster, and a unique sports steering wheel. When 2018 BMW M2 comes out, we think it will be a signature car for this brand of cars.

2018 BMW M2 rear

2018 BMW M2 Engine options and fuel economy

When the 2018 BMW M2 is out in the market, it will have S55 3.0 liter with a twin turbo power. It will also have 400 horsepower as well as 7600rpm. BMW M2 will be a dual seven-speed clutch auto or a manual six-speed car. The turbo unit is connected to an automatic transmission that speeds up to 100km/hr. within less than 4 seconds. Besides, the optional seven-speed transmission has three basic driving modes which are: sport, comfort and speed. The gear box, front and the rear axles, the brakes, and piston, have been lifted from M4 Coupe. The engine has an extra water cooler for to keep its temperatures stable. This model’s engine features an electronically controlled-slip differential. Since the maximum speed for this engine is 250km/hr., fuel consumption will be reduced.

2018 BMW M2 interior

2018 BMW M2 Release date and price

It is not yet very clear when the release date for 2018 BMW M2 has been set. Potential customers are waiting to find the car on sale before 2018 ends. Shortly after the release of this model, a brand new M2 convertible will follow in the market. For this fantastic brand, the starting rate is expected to settle slightly above $70,000 for the manual gearbox where the M2 auto box will cost $2000 more than the standard price.

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