2018 Bentley Continental GT front

Just name 2018 Bentley Continental GT is enough to make you wild and crazy about it. This is one of the most luxury sedan models that have ever been on the market. Bentley is surely the company that is most successful in creating super luxury and extra efficient models. New Continental GT is surely one of those. We still don`t know what new will happen but we`ve managed to gather some of the most important information`s about it. Take a look.

2018 Bentley Continental GT front

2018 Bentley Continental GT Exterior and Interior Review

Well, first impression about new 2018 Bentley Continental GT is more than amazing. So is the second as well. The exterior of this car isn`t that different than his predecessor but that makes him nothing less perfect. This new Continental GT looks amazing as always. His shape is the same as we`re used to it. Great aerodynamic abilities are surely something that can separate him from the crowd. Front part is slightly restyled when we compare him with his predecessor.

There is obvious size difference in the grille. This one is bigger and wider than before. Hood is longer as well with some new lines added. Headlights are again made in that round shape that we all love that much. Back part is the same as before with long taillights and big bumper. Great thing about new 2018 Bentley Continental GT is that his engineers will try to reduce his overall weight even more. More exterior color options will be provided but white with those 19.0-inch black alloy wheels is surely the best combination we could see.

Interior design of new 2018 Bentley Continental GT is surely something that doesn`t need any further introduction. You know that there will be only finest materials used to complete his cabin. That means there won`t be used any kind of plastic or some similar materials. There will be amazing Alcantara leather in combination with wooden details which is the most luxury and classy combination. This time, Bentley will give him new seats design with better lumbar support and with finer side support to make him even better for the passengers inside. You already know that 2018 Bentley Continental GT will have the finest instrument board design you could imagine.

There won`t be that much buttons present and Bentley will try to make all controls hands free. That will make him safer than before because driver can control all the functions easier than before and using only the power of its voice. There will be some of the finest functions installed in new Continental GT and probably all old ones will be transferred in new Continental GT again. With some updates in the software made of course.

2018 Bentley Continental GT interior

2018 Bentley Continental GT Engine, Power, MPG

Two engine units are announced to be available for new 2018 Bentley Continental GT. Basic choice that will be placed under the hood will be 4.0-liter V8 twin-turbocharged unit. This one can produce over 550 horsepower. Second choice for the potential customers will be 6.0-liter W12 unit. This amazing engine can generate as much as 645 horsepower which is more than stunning. With this amazing power amount, new Continental GT can reach 300 mph and it can accelerate from 0-60 mph in only 3 seconds flat which is more than amazing time.

2018 Bentley Continental GT side


2018 Bentley Continental GT Price and Estimated Arrival Date

His release date could happen around March 2018, not before that period. Starting price for new 2018 Bentley Continental GT will be around $297.000 or even higher than $330.000 for most demanding trim level.

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