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2018 Audi RS6 Transmission, Performance

2018 Audi RS6 front

The 2018 Audi RS6 is a mid-size, a four-wheel drive, sport-focused, executive car whose manufacture by the Quattro GmbH, which is a subsidiary of the Audi, which is the luxury motor division of the Volkswagen Motors Corporation, is presently underway. It is to be available in two variations namely: the Avant and the Allroad respectively. Its features, engine option, fuel economy, performance, transmission, safety, release date, and price form the basis of the proceeding review:

2018 Audi RS6 front

2018 Audi RS6 Exterior, Interior Features

The exterior of this automobile is to be very sleek and aggressive in appearance. Its front and sides will have a character line. It will have fog lights as well as head lights. It is also to have wheel arches that are extendable out from the body. Extra protection to the body and the diffuser is to be availed in the form of plastic cladding and side skirts. On the whole, it is to comprise large air intakes, corner vents, larger and wider wheels, and beefed-up suspension.

Its interior is to be so spacious as to provide plenty of leg and head rooms to the occupants. It is to feature a rugged interior body design style, thicker and rugged leather seats, rubberized floor mats, and Alcantara seats and door trim inserts. It is also to have an infotainment system which shall basically consist of different sized screens, a dashboard and a center console that are to be finished using Carbon fiber.

The mid-size executive car is to be powered by a 4.0-liters Turbo-charged Fuel Stratified Injection V-8 engine which is to generate around 552 horsepower at the rate of 5,700 revolutions per minute to 6,600 revolutions per minute and 516 pounds-feet of torque at the rate of 1750 revolutions per minute to 5500 revolutions per minute.

2018 Audi RS6

2018 Audi RS6 Transmission, Performance

It is to be equipped with an eight-speed automatic transmission which is to distribute power to all the four wheels.

The safety of the occupants on board the 2018 Audi RS6 shall be made possible by a host of safety features such as seat belts which automatically fastens to ensure the safety of the occupants in the event of a collision; and adaptive technology airbags that have the capability of varying the amount of force depending on the position of the seats and the levels of impact and in so doing ensures that the safety of the passengers are upheld during collisions.

The engines are designed to greatly minimize the consumption of fuel by automatically shutting down up to four of the eight cylinders that may not be needed especially when cruising on a motorway. In total, its combined fuel consumption is around 29.4 miles per gallon.

It is set to accelerate from 0 to 60 miles per hour in just about 4 seconds and is to attain the top speed of approximately 155 miles per hour.

2018 Audi RS6 interior

2018 Audi RS6 Release Date, Price

The precise date for the official release of the 2018 Audi RS6 is still not clear. However, it is largely expected to be released officially in the fall of the year 2018.

It is important to note that it is mainly intended for the Chinese and Russian markets. It is to cost around €110,980 ($119,220) and €124,000 ($133,207) depending on the trim level/variant.

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